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Choosing the Right Fire Pit

Updated: Feb 16

Choosing the right fire pit can be a daunting task, but we're here to help! Check out our expert advice on how to choose the perfect fire pit for your outdoor living space.

What to Consider When You Buy a Fire Pit

When selecting a fire pit, you’ll have more to consider than just where you acquire it from. You’ll first want to consider how much heat you require. You should also consider the size, fuel type, installation process, material, cost, and portability.

The following tips will help you get closer to redefining your outdoor living experience with a modern and charming fire feature that blends perfectly with your outdoor living space:


The right size fire pit for you depends on how big your outdoor space is and how many people you want to accommodate. If you have a large outdoor space, you may want to choose a bigger fire pit so more people can enjoy the fire’s warmth.

Fuel Type

The use of gas in fire pits has many advantages over a wood-burning fire feature. Whether you use natural gas or propane, it's a much safer, cleaner, and reliable source.


There are two main options when trying to figure out the source that's going to be feeding your fire pit:

Underground line: One of the main benefits of this option is that it's usually connected to a meter or a large stationary tank meaning that your supply will be consistent. The cons of this option is that running an underground line may be expensive, depending on various factors such as the distance of your fire pit's location and the pipe size used to feed it.

LP Tank: This option has many benefits, especially if you don't have a hard line installed in your backyard, you're also in control of the propane usage and the tank can be easily refilled. There are also great tank covers to hide the tank which can also serve as a side table.

"A simple fire pit lets you enjoy outdoor living from the comfort of your backyard—even during the chilly months. Whether you want to experiment with cool architectural design ideas or provide an outdoor fireplace for friendly gatherings, a beautiful fire pit can be the centerpiece of your backyard." – Tamara Jude, Architectural Digest.


There is a wide variety of materials to choose from when it comes to fire pits, the most common are concrete, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), Steel, and natural stone. For this, we've outlined their characteristics to help you make the best decision:

  • Concrete: This option is one of the customer-based favorites given the sturdiness of this material, it also replaces the idea of hiring someone to build your fire pit.

  • GFR Concrete: This option combines concrete with glass fiber, which makes it resistant and reduces 1/3 of the weight.

  • Steel: This material is great for portability and offers sleek designs on the way. For this option, we strongly recommend purchasing durable high-end fire pits, which have two main characteristics: The thickness of the steel used (3/8" or 3/16") and the final coating used in the process (Powder coating, marine rated).

  • Stone: Apart from masonry fire features, there are other options such as marble, quarry, or basalt. These options are a rare find on the market and run on the high-end side given the cost of the materials used to produce and the hours of labor involved, but can certainly assure boldness in any outdoor living space.


The price of a modern fire pit depends mainly on the fire pit’s size, material, and features. For example, a small-sized fire bowl with a heating capacity of 6-8 people should be on the low end of that range, while a large stone fire table can run on the higher cost end, however, it all depends on what your project requires.


The portability mainly depends on the net weight and dimensions of your fire feature, if you're planning to leave the unit in a defined location for many years to come, the best option would be selecting a concrete or stone fire pit. The benefit of having a lighter or smaller sized fire pit is that you can locate them anywhere you want to take advantage of a view, seating placement, privacy, out-of-the-wind location, etc.

In Conclusion...

Fire pits are a great way to gather family and friends because they add warmth and create a beautiful scenario in your outdoor living space, they also add more value to your property along the way. You can find a wide variety of fire pit options on or you can also leave us a comment in the below section.

Enjoy your fire pit!

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